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Mespack - A Duravant Company

Located in Barcelona, Spain, Mespack is an international manufacturer of flexible packaging.


Mespack has one of the largest product portfolios in the industry, and are widely recognised as industry leaders for their innovation and commitment to developing machinery that produces sustainable packaging solutions. 

Mespack product range

Horizontal form-fill seal

Machinery to produce sachets and stand-up pouches


Vertical form-fill seal

Machinery to produce stickpacks and flat sachets


Water soluble pods

The Hydroforma series for detergent pods


End-of-line equipment

Offering customers complete turnkey solutions

  • Mespack are committed to developing innovative equipment for sustainable packaging solutions  

  • Athena™, the digital platform control suite that performs functions from machine control to data analytics. Three packages available.

  • High production capacity, innovative pack designs, customised solutions & turnkey lines 

All machines are suitable for the packaging of:

  • Liquids

  • Granules

  • Powders

  • Product pieces

Mespack’s expertise covers a wide industry base including food, personal care, household chemicals, drinks, pharmaceuticals, health & wellbeing, pet food and more.

Find out more about Mespack's solutions
Stand up pouch on background.png

Stand up pouch

stickpack paracetamol on background.png

Stick packs

sancks pouch on background.png

Pre-made pouches

fill through spout on circular background.png

Fill through spout

pharma sachets on background.png


water soluable pods example on background.png

Soluble pods


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