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End-of-Line Packing Solutions

Mespack - A Duravant Company

End of Line Equipment

Wrap Around Case Packing, Case Erectors & Sealers

Mespack's extensive range of equipment includes end of line equipment enabling Mespack to offer its' customers both stand alone machines or complete turnkey solutions.

Mespack have over 2500 machines installed across a wide range of industrial sectors including:

  • cosmetic & household

  • petrochemical

  • pharmaceutical

  • edible oils

  • food

  • soft drinks, water, beer, wines & spirits 


Their reputation is well established in the design and manufacture of wrap around case packers, case erectors and sealers. Fulfilling complete line requirements within this portfolio of machines Mespack also offer robotic solutions, palletizers, depalletisers and stretch wrappers.

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High production capacity for small spaces and low operator maintenance, the wrap around case packer is available in intermittent and continuous cycles depending on the model of wrap around box and requirements of the product to be packed.

American box packing modules are available to facilitate a wide range of applications.  As part of a turnkey project  flexible pouches can be grouped horizontally or vertically inside the boxes at a maximum speed of 20 cases per minute.

A wide range of product handling solutions are available for all types of finished products including: 

  • pouches 

  • stick packs

  • cans

  • trigger sprays

  • glass/plastic bottles

  • containers

  • capsules

  • solid products

  • boxes


Machine Models

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