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Pre-made Pouch

Mespack - A Duravant Company

H SC / HMRSC Series  - horizontal fill-seal & carrousel machine solutions 

Compatible with all types of premade pouches; flat, stand-up, block bottom. Pouches with zipper and corner spout.

Mespack's machine portfolio includes a wide range of horizontal fill-seal machines designed to handle pre-made pouches. Different models are available according to pouch dimensions, volumes, and capacities.

This range of machines handles pouches that are fed from a pouch feeding magazine in one or two lanes,  transferring the pouches into the main module of the machine where they are opened, filled and sealed.


Latest technology introduces carrousel solutions expanding the range of existing models using a walking beam system. 


Adapted to work with sustainable materials,

machines feature Mespack's Athena™ , a unique digital control suite platform designed to acquire better control over packaging processes, making them more efficient as a result of analysing the generated data

Mespack pouch formats.png

The equipment can handle virtually any style of stand-up or flat pouch with corner spouts or zippers, with quick change over between packaging styles.


Optional equipment includes coding equipment, wash down, laminar flow and pouch inspection station for vision cameras.

​With up to 3 filling stations these machines can be equipped with a wide range of filling systems suitable for powder, granules, liquids, paste products and solid pieces.

Stand-up Pouch with frontal cap-mayo.png

Machine Models

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