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Stand up Pouch

mespack - a duravant company

H Series  - horizontal form-fill-seal

Modular, flexible and capable of producing various shapes

Mespack has an extensive range of equipment for producing single stand-up pouches at 80ppm through to high-speed quad machines producing up to 250ppm. 

The maximum size stand-up pouch that can be produced on a form-fill-seal Mespack machine is currently 570mm x 400mm + gusset,  in simplex (60ppm) and 285mm x 400mm in duplex (120ppm)

​Mespack technology incorporates both simplicity and heavy-duty construction, enabling maximum efficiency and minimum downtime.

Machine model dependant, up to 3 dosing stations are available affording multiple filling capabilities. 

All machines are suitable for liquids, pastes, granules, powders and solid particles.

Innovative shapes, reclosable features: spout, zipper

standup zip noodles.png
stand-up con tapon superior y forma_softener.png

Mespack Athena ™ is a unique control suite digital platform installed on all new machine is designed to acquire better control over packaging processes, making them more efficient as a result of analysing the generated data

  • Collects real time data, stored for analysis

  • Monitor machine efficiency, OEE, machine status, reject reasons, alarms and more 

  • Easy visualisation, user friendly interface through the full HD 18,5” wide multitouch PC panel

  • 3 packages available

Larger FFS machine models have additional features such as:

  • Independent unwind system

  • Automatic adjustment control of seal jaw position

  • Servo driven change over system for forming plough

  • Cam driven walking beam

  • Pouch grippers engineered to hold up to 2kg

  • Static pouch stretching prior to sealing

stand-up con tapo¦ün esquina i asa detergent.png
Mespack pouch formats.png

With growing demand to produce 1 and 2 litre liquid pouches, Mespack has developed a continuous motion machine, HCM-320 FED, which is able to produce 1 litre pouches at 140ppm, as well as a larger model able to produce 2 litre pouches at 90ppm.

This system offers twice as much filling time compared with other HFFS equipment and is achieved via:


  • Double reel unwinder with integrated Butler auto-splice system

  • Servo driven film traction with adjustable pressure control from the HMI

  • Patented mechanical or servo driven dual lane transport system

  • Mespack patented management system which allows adjustment of the pouch width via the touch screen in only 5 minutes

Machine Models

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