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3 or 4 Side Seal Flat Sachet

Mespack - A Duravant Company

H Series  - horizontal form-fill-seal

3 or 4 side sealed flat sachets.  Individual, perforated twinned or strings of sachets.

Mespack's extensive equipment range includes horizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS) machines for the production 3 or 4 seal flat sachets with a range of options for reclosing. These are suitable for liquids, pastes, granules and powder products.

​Mespack technology incorporates both simplicity and heavy-duty construction, enabling maximum efficiency and minimum downtime.

Machine model dependant, up to 3 dosing stations are available affording multiple filling capabilities. 

Mespack pouch formats.png

​The flexibility of Mespack machines make it possible for a wide range of different pack styles to be produced with quick changeover features reducing overall

machine downtime. ​

Available features include shaping, zipper, spout insert.

The wide range of machine options for producing single sachets start with the smallest model, H100S. A compact, flexible machine which boasts remarkable versatility, high efficiency, and low cost.


Many of the machine models are available in simplex, duplex, triplex as well as a quad machine option that produces 4 sachets per stroke, achieving up to 380 sachets/min.


Multilane machines are available for high production requirements. See multilane sachet for more.

Larger HFFS machine models have additional features such as:

  • Independent unwind system

  • Automatic adjustment control of seal jaw position

  • Cam driven walking beam

  • Static sachet stretching prior to sealing

  • Servo driven stroke indexing system via rollers

Machine Models

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