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MESPACK - a Duravant company

ML Series  - multilane 4 side seal flat sachet


Available from 4 - 14 lanes

Mespack's extensive range of equipment includes  a range of vertical multilane form-fill-seal machines for the production of four side seal sachets.

Multilane equipment is available from 4 – 14 lanes with an output up to 980 sachets per minute.

With the latest motion technology featuring 7 brushless motors, these compact framed machines have been designed to run film reels up to 1200 mm wide, which gives the option to run 4 side seal sachets up to 50 x 200mm wide in a 14 lane format, or wider sachets up to a max size of 130 x 200mm across 4 lanes.

Models within the range can be supplied with a variety of filling systems suitable for liquids, granules or powders. 

Key features include:

  • Mono block tubular steel frame

  • Integrated electric cabinet

  • Micro switch protected polycarbonate guardings

  • 12” Allen Bradley colour touch screen

  • Free access all round the machine

  • PLC controlled temperatures in each seal bar

  • PLC controlled auto lubrication

  • Splice table in unwinder for quick reel change

  • Auger cleaning management system

  • Automatic reel edge aligner in unwinder

  • T.P.M. features

  • CIP facilities

  • Compliance with the main manufacturing standards

Available additions:

  • Laser coders and scorers

  • ATEX compliance

  • Film sterilization system

  • Laminar flow

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Machine Models

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