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Time to Celebrate... Acer Machinery turns One!

Updated: May 11, 2023

A challenging and rewarding year all round, and Acer machinery is incredibly proud to successfully reach the businesses first anniversary despite Brexit and the Covid pandemic.

Here are some of the highlights of our first year:

  • Building the Acer brand. Both friends and family have been hugely involved in the development of Acer Machinery, from curating the company name, designing the logo and branding, and collaborating Acer's vision with the manufacturers we represent, Mespack and UET.

  • New machine sales were secured with both new and existing customers, and the aftersales side of the business grows to be a busy and independent department in itself.

  • Acer Machinery now processes all deliveries on a DDP (deliver duty paid) basis, removing the additional complications of customs duty and taxes for our customers. This service, in addition to the full support given to any enquiry that comes in for spares, retrofits, servicing and install/commissioning requirements, has seen the aftersales side of the business grow considerably.

  • We renovated and moved into our custom office space in May 2021 - our office dog Blu event lent a helping paw in the renovation process!

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Congratulations Emma.



congratulations Emma on your fist Anniversary may your success continue.



Happy Anniversary and congratulations Emma...looking forward to taking delivery of our first machine.

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