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Standard or Flexible cartoner, do you have a preference?

For many of my customers I find the more the machine can accommodate the better. Good job I represent UET, manufacturers of compact cartoning machines that are very versatile making them ideally suited for contract packers, the cosmetic and toiletries sector and pharmaceutical companies.

Take the latest machine as an example :-

A compact 4 semi-automatic cartoner with tuck in tooling for running two formats of tuck in cartons (aeroplane and reverse tuck) with automatic leaflet insertion and emboss coding unit. This machine heading to a cosmetic firm in the UK, has a number of frequently changing product runs and so will hugely benefit from the infinitely adjustable patented size starwheel STELLA68™, which makes easy work of the change overs without the need of any tooling and doesn’t require any change parts.

If you would like to know more contact Emma at ACER MACHINERY SOLUTIONS LTD - 01420 617249

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