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Updated: May 11, 2023

Discover the benefits analytics can bring to your production line, announcing Mespack Athena™

As demand grows for the true smart factory, Mespack continues to develop in line with the requirement for more intuitive technology. Prepared for Industry 4.0, Mespack have recently launched their Mespack ATHENA™ programme across their new form-fill-seal machines for sachets, pouches, stickpacks and pre-made pouch machinery.

This intuitive technology offers endless possibilities to maximise the equipment performance and aids better decision making. Mespack ATHENA™ is available on 3 levels: Mespack ATHENA™ 0, Mespack ATHENA™ 1 (on premise/cloud), and Mespack ATHENA™ 2 (on premise/cloud). Each level giving increasing amounts of available data and increased facilities.

Summary of key features:

  • New 18.5" HMI with multi-touch easy to navigate dashboards

  • Data management application (IIoT platform)

  • Clear visuals on most relevant parameters OEE, Rejected Ratios, Stop Time etc

  • Different user access levels

  • OEE data - analyse in depth performance, quality of pouches and machines connection/run times

  • Alarms - quickly identify faults, access to extended information and solutions

  • Preventative Maintenance - next service information, advisory information alerts etc

  • Analysis of many operational platforms - CIP, energy consumption, reject reasons, raw material consumption and much more

  • Messaging system HMI, SMS & email available on cloud based level

  • Remote access to the machine from any device, when using cloud-based option. Monitor your machine(s) from wherever you are- multiple machines, multiple site visibility

  • Reporting function

  • Record all parameters that have been changed

  • Complies with ISA101 & CRF21 part 11

Start seeing less production downtime and improvement to your operations with this digitalization. Mespack helps their customers to better control the packaging process by analysing the data, therefore making processes more efficient.

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