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Fenco - Food Machinery

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Located in Parma, Italy, Fenco are manufacturers of efficient solutions for the food industry.


Founded in 1984, Fenco have been chosen by over 1500 companies in more than 30 countries around the world providing customized solutions for the food industry including processing lines for various food products, including tomatoes, fruits and vegetables to achieve a wide range of finished products. 

Fenco product range

Spiral Systems

Complete and customised systems suitable for the treatment of any food product


Water Spiral Systems

For pasteurizing, cooling and freezing


Spiral Air Systems

For Pasteurisation and cooling of unpackaged and packaged products

​Water Spiral Systems

  • The most efficient solution for the treatment of large containers. This technology ensures low water consumption, high thermal efficiency, small footprint, and over 99% reliability.  

  • The water pasteurization (TWP) and cooling (TWC) system allows for the treatment of bags, pouches, cups, jars and other containers.  

  • The water system does require a drying phase before packaging.


​Spiral Air Systems

  • The perfect solution for small packages, for pasteurization and cooling of unpackaged  and packaged products, and in all production contexts where water cannot be used. 

  • TAP & TAC is the spiral pasteurization (TAP) and air-cooling (TAC) solution alternative to the traditional water pasteurization cooling line. 

  • The drying of containers is avoided.

  • Air-cooling spirals are appropriate where water is not available, in very dry environments where water can cause a problem in production or in the case of water sensitive packaging. 

Air-cooling spirals find easy application in these contexts:


  • Traditional fruit and vegetable canning factories

  • Production of pasta, especially long pasta to stabilise

  • Meat production

  • Convenience food production

  • Savoury and sweet baking

  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry 

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Other Fenco equipment
  • Aseptic Systems/Fillers

  • Easycube

  • Cookers and Formulators

  • Pouch dryer

  • Tunnel Pasteurizer

  • Many other solutions designed and manufactured for the food industry


Further information available on the Fenco website  

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