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Compact 3 Cartoner

UET Bernd Siebler

Compact 3S and Compact 3 Mini

Tuck-in cartons, Hot melt cartons with patented STELLA6 Starwheel

UET compact cartoning machines are patented with a fully adjustable size star wheel and unique features for quick tool-less change over between different carton sizes, without the need of change parts.


The COMPACT 3S has been designed to fulfil the requirements of customers that are looking for a simple machine with basic cartoning requirements. It has a footprint of just 1m², making it ideal for businesses with restricted space

Box images-02.png
STELLA Starwheel_.png

Key features include: 

  • 6 stations

  • 1 manual load filling station

  • quick release buckles and millimetre scales 

  • 1 side access door

  • camera security system at load section

  • product sensor system

  • teach box for precise adjustment of tuck in device

  • infinitely fully adjustable size-star wheel - PATENTED 

  • integrated machine support & electric cabinet

  • castor wheels (lockable) for ease of moving from line to line

  • compact footprint 1140 x 1110 x 1400 mm


Suitable for manual load applications only.

The COMPACT 3S Mini model has been developed for customers looking to run trial sized cartons. 


Machine Models

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