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Mespack's machine portfolio includes a wide range of horizontal fill-seal machines designed to handle pre-made pouches.

This range of machines are designed to handle pre-made pouches fed from a pouch feeding magazine in one or two lanes. A pick and place is used to transfer the pouches to a walking beam system into the main module where the pouches will be opened, filled and top sealed.


The equipment can handle virtually any style of stand-up or flat pouch with

corner spouts or zippers with quick change over between packaging styles. 

Modules are available to apply top spouts inline along with other optional

equipment including cap fitments, coders, tear notch and hole punchers. 

With up to 3 filling stations these machines can be equipped with a wide

range of filling systems for powder, granules, liquids and pasty products

and solid pieces.


Various models are available, according to pouch dimensions, volumes

and capacities.


Machine Models

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What next after I upload my song?

Mastering: Once your file is received, we will begin to work on it and it should be ready to download after 3 days. Ocassionally check on your status and we will also send out an email to let you know when your song is ready for download. Mixing: You should expect to receive a finished mix within 3 - 5 days

Can I upload more than one songs?

Mastering & Mixing: Yes! You can upload more than one song but make sure you've paid for this songs.

How long will it take to get my master or mix?

Mastering: You will have your master ready for download within 1-3 days. Mixing: Your mix will be ready within 3-5 days

Can i upload an mp3 file?

Yes. You can upload an mp3 file, however we recommend uploading a .wav or .aif file, as these files have a higher resolution than a mp3 file and they sound much better. If mp3 is all you have, the result would still be desirable, so there is no need to fret. is just that .wav or .aif sounds better.

How do you master my song?

We listen and critically analyze your song(s) and then we make different adjustments as needed. And because we want the best for you, we may ask you to make some re-adjustment in the mixing stage and then send the track back to us at no additional cost.

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