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TKMATIK joins Acer's portfolio of machinery manufacturers

Listening to customers requirements is key, and following a number of enquiries made recently it became evident customers were needing liquid filling machinery that gave them ultimate versatility.

Seeing a gap in the company's profile for liquid filling machinery, nearing Acer's 4th year of business, Emma wanted to source a manufacturer that complemented the existing manufacturers represented, Mespack and UET. Not an easy task with many factors to take into account, so having sourced and reached an agreement with owners Mr Karol Kielbinski and Mr Mateusz Bialobrzewski, of such a reputable and reliable partner in TKMATIK, Emma is excited for the future to be able to introduce the unique elements of these highly sophisticated liquid filling lines.

Further details on TKMATIK are available through our website, which will be continually expanded on over the coming weeks.

TKMATIK are well respected within the Cosmetics & Toiletries sector for development and manufacture of filling lines, whose systems also include the automated UNIBOTFEEDER unscrambler system suitable for sorting bottles & UNICAPFEEDER fully automated cap sorter system handling various closures including fliptop, caps, pumps or atomisers. Their profile extension includes homogenizing mixers and end of line equipment.

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