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A year of growth for Acer Machinery

Updated: May 11, 2023

In a flash another year is almost over. Reflecting on the past 12 months to see how Acer has continued to develop is rewarding. Not one to take it easy, Emma has strived to make Acer a growing company and after the hard work and endless hours behind the scenes, it is very rewarding to be entering the third year of trading in a strong position in the knowledge that only 20% of businesses survive their first 2 years of business. We share below some of the highlights.

1. Claire joins Acer...

Developing the aftersales side of the business, it soon became necessary for an extra pair of hands, to ease Emma's workload.

May 16th boldly circled in the diary - Claire Chivers was joining the team!

Experienced in project management her skillset works well with Acer's growth plans and with 8 months under her belt, Claire is supporting our customers' spare parts requirements, retrofit projects and servicing needs.

2. Acer celebrates 2 years in business

July 27th 2022, was celebrated with champagne and a small private party for all those who have been instrumental in supporting the business in the background. Ever grateful for support offered - it is only right to respect these offerings, as it has not been an easy 12 months with many challenges faced.

With Claire having only recently joined, she was beginning to feel that champagne is the norm at mid-day following subsequent machine order confirmations.

3. PPMA TOTAL SHOW 2022 saw the launch of Acer's new stand design

Clean, fresh and simplistic was the brief to DCE Designs, who nailed the design which was to include Mespack's focus on recyclable materials and it's Industry 4.0 digitalisation technology, whilst incorporating UET's Compact 5 semi-automatic cartoning machine.

As a new full member of the PPMA (which requires 2 years of trading), it was important to be standing strong against long established businesses. Showing a working machine, the stand was particularly busy with a record number of enquiries taken for both UET and Mespack, this is very encouraging for the coming year particularly considering the current inflation rate and with the UK facing its longest recession since records began. It was a good job the whole team were present - big thanks to the team (seen in the photo), Katerina Gelesme (UET), Gianfranco Gualtieri (UET), Claire Chivers (Acer), Emma Ridgway (Acer), Bart Gilbers (Mespack).

4. Customer Service

Acer prides itself on the level of customer service offered, supporting both sales enquiries and aftersales. This year we have received many emails of gratitude from customers benefitting from our help and to receive such correspondence is very welcome.

With the full range of services offered by the manufacturers we work with, driving awareness to the importance of keeping machines well maintained is vital. Whilst it sounds obvious, no matter how skilled engineering teams are, to get a machine manufacturers technician onsite will further enhance the machines efficiencies, as you'll benefit not only from their learned skillset specific to these machines, their problem solving and fine tuning skills.

Our approach has seen an increase in full machine audits, servicing, software updates and numerous retrofits; which include adapting existing machines to be able to run with today's recyclable materials.

5. It's all about cuddles and biscuits

The unseen member of Acer has recently been building up his skillset learning all about cartoning, Blu, our Chief Happiness Officer, is easily encouraged with games, cuddles and biscuits.

Whilst he has mastered the art of appearing on Teams, it could be some time before offering cartoning advice as he is still shredding the boxes!

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