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Only 20% of organisations survive their first 2 years in business?!

Updated: May 6, 2023

And Acer Machinery Solutions is one of them! After what was a complete whirlwind of a first year in business, it is hard to believe that Acer Machinery’s second anniversary has arrived already! Not only have we reached this important milestone, the company has grown and we have welcomed Claire to the Acer team.

The last year has bought new chapters (and challenges!), including securing new customers and machine sales from 2021 now in full production. Having said this, the most notable highlights of the year are as follows:

  • In May we welcomed the addition of Claire to the Acer team, as Project Coordinator and Sales Assistant. Claire’s new role sees her coordinating the growth of aftersales projects and processing new queries and orders.

  • Acer Machinery’s aftersales support has doubled, offering improved services to our customers, through additional offerings from manufacturers, which include fitting retrofits to client’s existing equipment, such as adapting equipment to run with sustainable materials. Overall, we are grateful for another successful year!

As we celebrate, we share our second newsletter covering highlights from the last year, news of developments and the latest technology from the manufacturers we proudly represent.

Year 3, here we come!

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