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Mespack's machine portfolio has expanded further with the newest addition to the range the HF series working with top and edge spouted pre-made pouches .


By filling through the spout in a continuous motion the head space is reduced, which means this format can save up yo 15% less film. 

In order to give the greatest versatility Mespack when designing this machine put a

considerable amount of attention to the features customers would want - flexibility! 


The HF series allows the addition of a pouch forming module to replace the automatic

rail loading system. It stands out for being able to increase output capacity by adapting

the machine to new additional lanes. But the flexibility of this fill through the spout

machine does not end there, it can also work with different products and formats


Some key features include:

  • Works with top or corner spouted pre-made pouches

  • Intelligent automatic rail loading system
    Possibility of adding HFS (Horizontal Fill and Seal) module

  • Additional station for laser or inkjet encoders

  • Pouch inspection station for vision cameras

  • Reduction in head space for packaging liquid and pasty products

  • Continuous dosing system

  • Work with different products and volumes at the same time (2 – 4 lanes machine)

  • Spout cleaning before capping

  • Cap cleaning (optional)

  • Mespack Athena enabled (HMI and IIoT)

  • ATEX compliance (optional)

  • Laminar flow (optional)

  • Wash down (optional)

  • Open frame design: low maintenance and easy access to all areas of the machine

  • Easy to operate

  • Compact and hygienic design

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