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MESPACK - a Duravant company


MS Series  - vertical form-fill-seal

Available from 2 - 20 lanes

Mespack's extensive range of equipment includes a range of vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) machines to produce stick packs suitable for liquids and dry products, including multi-component products filled into the same stick.

A stick pack is a single dose, elongated, easy opening, tube shaped packaging format. It is extremely versatile and perfect for on the go consumers.

Multilane equipment is available from 4 – 20 lanes with an output up to 1200 sticks per minute.

Machines are designed to run film reels up to 1200 mm wide (patent pending) which gives the option to run sticks up to 25mm wide in a 20 lane format at 1200ppm or larger 90mm wide sticks/pillow bags at 300ppm.

Models within the range can be supplied with augers or volumetric systems, flowmeters and can include a six tube multihead weigher. Various accessories are available on request.

Some key features include:

  • Full servo motorized equipment

  • Maximum reel width 1200 mm

  • Monobloc tubular steel structure

  • Compact design

  • Production of up to 75 strokes per minute

  • Integrated electrical cabinet

  • Easy access to all parts of the machine

  • Easy access to perform maintenance

  • Adjustable horizontal cutting knives (flat or zig-zag)

  • Servo-motorized horizontal seal jaws

  • Servo-motorized circular knives

  • Automatic lubrication through the PLC

  • PLC with independent temperature control system

  • Transparent polycarbonate protections with safety magnetic detectors

  • 12 color touch screen Allen-Bradley

  • Drag of the servo-motorized film

  • Pneumatic expandable coil shaft

  • Hygienic design; perfect for the demands of the food industry

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Machine Models

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